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Days of herbs on Dugi otok 2024


Dugi otok is proud of its uniqueness, perfect purity of the sea and air. We cherish and appreciate nature and our visitors are breathless before the enchanting scenes hidden in the picturesque towns and secluded beaches, in front of the magnificent cliffs and lush vegetation!

With the aim of "revealing secrets" of Dugi otok during the period from 18.05.2024. to 25.04.2024., we are holding the "Days of herbs from Dugi otok!" It is an ideal opportunity for our visitors to learn about Dugi otok in more detail way and to experience the magic of untouched nature that Dugi otok is so proud of!

Creatively designed seven-day program includes something for everyone, whether you're interested in medicinal herbs, culinary experiences, cultural heritage, or just a walk in the nature in the fresh air and good company! Welcome!