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Like all the Adriatic islands, the island of Dugi otok has a rich underwater world.

The research and study of deep sea has always represented a challenge to man's possibilities.

You can challenge yourself with the help of one of the four diving schools on Dugi otok who will give anyone the opportunity to take an adventure in the mysterious depths of the sea.

Diving instructors will walk you through this magnificent world and take you to some of the best diving destinations in the central Adriatic such as the islet Mežanj or underwater cave Brbinjšćica.

Scuba Diving schools

Diving school "BOŽAVA"

Diving in the most beautiful underwater world! Diving school and rooms for rent.

Contact person: Hans-Georg Hassmann
Tel: +385 23 318 891, +49 4321 2509437 (zimi)
E-mail: tauchen(manki)bozava(tocka)de

KORNATI diving center

Contact person: Robert Horvat, ZAGLAV 15, DUGI OTOK, 23281 SALI
Tel: +385 91 367 95 06

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