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The global epidemic, Corona Virus, has affected our lives. The Virus changed our lives in ways that we never could have imagined before. Due to the declared quarantines and stricter measures in all countries throughout the world, which have disturbed and restricted our freedom, movement, security and other benefits of modern life to which we have been accustomed to, we had to give up some of the little joys that made us all happy.

Vacation is one of those joys. Enjoying the sea on a beautiful untouched beach next to the crystal clear sea. This year does not have to be the one where you give up on pursuing that desire!
We believe that every restriction and every prohibition must end at one point or another. That is how it has always been and that is how it will remain. Croatia is among the countries that best prepared for this sudden epidemic, and the country quickly succeeded in preventing the spread of the Corona Virus, limiting the number of infected individuals to a very small number. Therefore, life in Croatia will return to normal faster than in other parts of the world.

If, even despite the aforementioned, you are still afraid of traveling, let us get rid of that fear with one more fact. Islands, because of the sea that separates them from the mainland and because of the limited number of ferries and their limited connection with the mainland, islands are a buffer zone. Being a buffer zone, new things are and always were harder to come by, both good and bad.

Can you imagine a better place to move away from the madness that has been caused by this global pandemic, where you can forget all the stress and where you can relax in the same way that you have every year up until now? We don’t think you can. And the best island to do so is Dugi Otok (Long Island), where nothing has changed over the course of the pandemic and where life continues to go on in the same way that it always has.

In order for you to be able to enjoy all the benefits that the Island has to provide during this difficult time, the Dugi Otok Tourist Board, in collaboration with other tourist operators, has organized a small, limited number of COVID-19 coupons (LUCKY TOKENS) for a small number of lucky individuals. If you are reading this text because the QR code from the coupon brought you here, know that you are one of the lucky ones. Every lucky token has a number that belongs to you and to you only. This number will serve as a memory and a reminder of beautiful moments during this difficult time.

In the event that the QR code from the coupon did not bring you here, unfortunately, you were not lucky enough to receive a lucky token :( but you can contact us and maybe we can find something for you :)

The COVID – 19 coupon gives you a 20% discount on the following services and offers:


1. Adamo travel Dugi otok;,, 00385 99 518 2929
2. Apartments Šoštarić;,, 00385 91 579 3291
3. Apartments Gorgonia,,, 00385917379823
4. Apartments Basioli,,, 00385 99 561 6755
5. Villa Lapis,,
6. Holiday home Dugi otok,,, 00385 98 838 364
7. Apartments Tome,,, 00385 98 629 353
8. Hotel Luka,,, 00385 23 372 114


1. OPG (Family farm) Jagić,,, 00385998801166
2. Frka d.o.o.,,, 00385 98 891 036

The coupon is valid for 2020 and cannot be transferred over to the next year. One coupon can be used for one of the services/offers. After selecting the service/offer, it is necessary to contact the provider and agree on the date and number of persons.

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