gastro Buffet (Pansion) Alen

Luka 08:00-23:00 May-November

Buffet (Pansion) Alen
  • Meat dishes
  • Fish dishes
  • Internet
  • Toilet
  • Terrace

Buffet (Pansion) ALEN  is situated in the peaceful bay Luka, near the sea. On the beautiful terrace below the 400 year old olive guests enjoy in a pleasant ambience, magnificent view and excellent food. We have a wide variety of a la carte meals:

- Appetizers: ham, cheese, soups, octopus salad, black risotto with sepia, spaghetti ...

- Grilled dishes: mixed grill, beefsteak, rump steak, pljeskavica, kebab, pork cutlet, head bream, seabass, squid, shrimp ...

- Lamb and  pig skewer

- Lamb and octopus  under baking lid

- Shrimps in buzzara sauce

- Fried squid

- Side dishes: potatoes fried and boiled, swiss chard, djuvech with rice, zucchini

- Various salads

- Desserts

In front of the object is parking space and moorings for boats, depth 3 meters.

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